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Stewardson Lions Club Summer Baseball Program

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It is time once again to sign up children for the Summer Baseball Program in Stewardson.

The Summer Baseball Program will have at least two divisions of play. Coaches are needed at the T-Ball, and Coaches Pitch age groups–please help!!!!! It appears that there is not enough interest this year for a Little League team. If you are interested in forming a Little League team (11 and 12) or a Pony League team (13-15), please contact Mark Wascher. If you have a son or daughter that would like to play on a Stewardson Little League or Pony League team—please sign the child up, but do not pay a fee at this time.

T-Ball League for 5-7 year olds
Coaches Pitch League for 8-10 year olds

Most games will begin immediately after Memorial Day.

Although Stewardson Lions Club is sponsoring the program, the Club asks that children in the T-Ball and Coaches Pitch League pay $5.00 for participation. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE PAYMENT WITH THE REGISTRATION FORM.


Please call 217-682-3378 should you have any questions.

I believe that we will be getting tickets for a Cardinals’ game for early-June—perhaps June 5.

Learn about the April 9 School Referendum Vote

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Come to the Community Forum – Learn about the April 9 school referendum vote!

On April 9, you’ll be asked to vote on a temporary tax referendum that will determine the future of our schools. It is vitally important that all voters know what’s at stake. Make your plans now to attend the upcoming Community Forum. It’s open to all residents of the Stewardson-Strasburg School District community. On Thursday, March 7 at 7 the Stewardson-Strasburg Community High School.

At this forum you’ll learn …

· How this vote will affect you
· What’s at stake for schools, school programs and the community
· What’s at stake for students
· How much it will cost and when it will expire
· Future plans for the school district
Please make your plans to attend!
Sponsored by Citizens for Stewardson-Strasburg Schools

Annual Chili, Misc Soup, Dessert Cookoff

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A chili, miscellaneous soup and dessert cook-off will be held Saturday March, 9th at the Stewardson Community Building. Those who would like to enter the contest please contact Myrna Jones at 682-3811 or Candi Kessler at 682-5480 for more info. A cash prize of $25 and a wooden plaque will be presented to the winners of each division. Samplers of the food starts at 4 to 6 o’clock.

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