Do your on-line shopping and help the Stewardson MAPPING project at the same time

Published by admin on October 6th, 2010 - in Fundraising, Local Business, MAPPING

Online Fundraising Explained…

As you probably already know, many of us today use online shopping for our purchases. You can now come here to our Stewardson website,  and click on the On-Line Shopping link on the right, and shop at over 400 online stores carrying the things you ordinarily purchase.

When you purchase things online through this link, things you probably already buy from the store, MAPPING will get a percent of the purchase money back. Whether you’re buying back to school supplies, downloading songs, purchasing a gift, or shopping for Christmas gifts you can be helping our community. You may also make a donation directly to MAPPING by using the Donate feature.

Be sure to tell your friends, family and work associates about this wonderful opportunity so they can take advantage of the convenience and help support a local cause, Our Community!

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