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It was announced at the Stewardson Town Meeting on Sunday, February 27, that the Stewardson Community Foundation is the recipient of a building located at the corner of Main Street and Pine Street in downtown Stewardson.  The building, formerly known as the Baumgarten Hardware store building, was most recently owned by Dave Antrim.

The Stewardson Community Foundation is a newly founded organization dedicated to a positive future for Stewardson through business development, improved parks and recreation, youth development, and improved housing and beautification of the village.

Many ideas for the use of the building include making it available to attract a prospective business to the village, organizing a library, or creating a teen center.  As a thank you to Antrim, a certificate of appreciation was awarded at the event.

Dave Antrim was unable to attend the award ceremony, but his brother, Paul Antrim, former Mayor of Stewardson, accepted the award in his absence.  The Antrims have long been strong supporters of the Village of Stewardson, as a partial lot on which the Stewardson Community Building now stands was also donated by them years before.

Shown here is Perrie Richards of the Stewardson Community Foundation presenting the award of appreciation to Paul Antrim.

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